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Pennypinchers offers an excellent selection of household and lifestyle hardware at affordable prices. Our range includes all of those extra items that provide warmth and utility. These can add personality to a home, and even value to your property.

The Good Life

When it comes to upgrading an entertainment area, few additions are as effective as a built-in braai or hearth. That’s why we stock these luxurious winter warmers, as well as the tools you’ll need to install them. We even have freestanding options that are an ideal fit for smaller locations.

Additionally, in our selection, you can find a range of:

Decorative items

Beautifying the inside and exterior of your home is easy with our selection of items designed for adornment, including lawn ornaments and cornices. Adding these small touches can go a long way to give your house character.

Safety and security products

From powerful locks and gates to burglar bars and fence spikes, we’ve got the necessary items to keep you, your family, and your building site safe. After installing protective measures around your location, you’re bound to feel more peace of mind.

Style Upgrades

Pennypinchers is the place where you can buy lifestyle hardware at a competitive rate. Our products are durable and practical, and help to turn any house into a home.
Visit one of our stores near you, or browse our website for more information.

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