When it comes to building, renovating or fixing your home, it’s important to involve your electrician from the very beginning. At Pennypinchers, we feature the electrical supplies needed to get all of your outlets and wiring working in tip top condition.

Shedding Light on Building

Whether you live in a contemporary bachelor pad or a large triple-story home, you need to incorporate versatile electrical supplies for any future changes. We feature a range of different products online, such as:

Switches and sockets

Our large variety spans from multi-lights and dimmers to shaving sockets and batten holders.


This includes step-down transformers, dividers and switchgears that redistribute electricity at lower voltages.


We categorize this according to the voltage and environmental conditions in which it can be used.


Different types and models of this household staple are featured, to ensure that each of your rooms has a connection that caters to your devices.


From energy savers to general fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, we have the products you’re looking for.

Switch to the Better Option

In order to save money and develop your specific house plan, a reliable and versatile electrical layout is necessary. Fortunately, our well-informed staff can offer you advice on all your wiring needs, and point you in the direction of the right supplies.
With outlets across South Africa, we’re positioned to shed some light on your power grid issues, wherever you are. Contact Pennypinchers today to find out more about our comprehensive selection of electrical supplies.

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