Stand-alone or floor-mounted cabinetry is often furnished with worktops for practical use or display space. The unique needs of this kind of surface make a durable wooden or synthetic slab an excellent choice. Pennypinchers has a range of countertops for you to choose from, including laminated Mastertop (exclusive to Pennypinchers), solid pine worktops, and hassle-free marble.

Versatile Veneers

Whether you’re a “do-it-yourself” renovator or an expert building contractor, Pennypinchers provides you with the tools and hardware needed to craft beautiful kitchen penn and breakfast bars. You can use our online catalogues to seek inspiration for worktop veneers, such as:


These medium-density fibreboards will exquisitely complement the hues and textures of nature, which eco-friendly homeowners love. The melamine face can handle everyday, household scratches and spills without any major damage.


While similar in appearance to natural stone, like marble or slate, with wood grain finishes. In addition, it’s moisture and stain-resistant, making it more durable than wood. This laminated surface can be yours for a fraction of the cost.


This sort of top is less susceptible to germ build-up, and doesn't spoil under high surface temperatures. It’s also easily cleaned with water and detergent. Moreover, this kind of smooth surface adds financial value and market appeal to your home. (Available at selected stores)

Fine Finishes

You can rely on Pennypinchers for straight-cut and well-edged boards, especially measured and machine-shaped to your specifications. We also offer extra coatings for your timber kitchen and office tops using one of our sealing solutions, to give a more polished appearance.
Visit your nearest store or browse through our listings online for kitchen tops of various sizes, designs and colours.

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