Winter Proofing Your Home

Before the chilly season arrives, it’s in your best interest to start winter proofing your home. This may seem like a big task at first, but rest assured that prevention is better than cure when it comes to blocking out the elements. Because we’re here to help you batten down the hatches and assist you with a list of important areas to oversee .

Be Prepared

There are multiple areas both in and around the home that you need to check before winter starts. All houses are built differently, and some require more work to be done than others. For instance, if you have wooden floors, you should ensure that all the gaps between the floorboards are filled so that no heat can escape the house. Whereas tiled floors can have under-floor heating installed.

Other ways you can start winter proofing your house include:


  • Ceiling – Ensure that the area between your roof and ceiling is sufficiently insulated so that no cold can creep in. And, while you’re up there, check for leaks or cracks  and fix them as soon as possible. Also inspect your geyser.  
  • Gutters and drains – Clear these areas of fallen leaves and other debris from autumn to prevent any blockages t. If your gutters overflow during the rainy season, this can soak the walls of your home and cause damage.


  • Windows – Take a walk around your property and inspect every area that has a window. Pay careful attention to cracks in the putty, or swollen frames and fix them as you go along. If any of the glass has been cracked or chipped, this is also the time to replace it.  

Buy, Build, and Improve

Pennypinchers is here to assist you with your DIY, home improvement, and contracting needs. And, when it comes to knowing what you can do to start winter proofing your home, we’re the professionals. Additionally, you can browse our products and services to find what you need to get all of your tasks underway.

Visit your nearest Pennypinchers branch today and chat to one of our store clerks about assistance with winter proofing.