Laminate Flooring

Fitted brown laminate panel Brown laminate flooring Brown fitted laminate flooring

Lift the look of your favourite room with warm, easy-care laminate
flooring. All materials, tools and advice from Pennypinchers.

Step 1

Preparation and Underlay

Ensure the sub-strate is completely dry, completely level
and free of dirt and debris. Decide which way you want
your flooring to run. Then cover the whole floor with
lengths of underlay, placed at 90° to the direction of the
laminate & taped together. To increase protection against
moisture, overlap each width and allow the underlay to
run 30 mm up the wall.

Step 2

Begin the 1st row

Always begin in the top right-hand corner of your room,
positioning the first full plank with the open side of the
long click system facing you. Place plastic wedges
where both long and short edges abut the wall to
ensure an even 10 mm gap.

Step 3

Click short sides together

Complete the full row by joining the short sides. Make
sure that the planks are installed perfectly square.
Hold each new plank at an angle of about 12º, push
the new plank into the short side of the previous one
and lower. The two planks should join perfectly. First
brush out the joints with a paintbrush, so they are
debris-free when engaging.

Step 4

Complete the 1st row

When you get to the last plank in the row, flip the
plank upside down. Mark the plank for the cut and
remember to leave a 10 mm gap. (Measure to the end
of the decorative layer, excluding the tongue.) Cut the
plank on the mark using a jigsaw or hand saw. (You
can use the other part of the plank as the first plank
in the next row, see step 5.) Cut off the tongue section
and install as before.

Download the instructions  here.