How to Repaint a Built-in Braai

Built-in braais and fireplaces tend to rust over time. This is mainly as a result of water entering through the chimney. Here’s how to achieve a good-as-new appearance in a few easy steps.

Step 1

Start by removing all flaking rust, over the whole surface, with a wire brush.

Step 2

Now use sandpaper to remove all further rust. Sand the surface properly until bright metal becomes visible. Once all rust is removed, ensure that the surface is free from all grease. Aquasolv Degreaser (GR1) is recommended. After degreasing, rinse the surface with fresh water and leave it to dry.

Step 3

Apply Plascon Fireplace Paint evenly to the entire surface to ensure a smooth finish. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly. Drying-time between coats is approximately 40 minutes.

Step 4

Apply additional coats until the desired finish is achieved. At least three to four coats are recommended. Ensure that the final coat has set before using the braai or fireplace.

You can download instructions here.