How to Remove Braai Smoke Stains

When it comes to repainting your walls, the residue left around built-in braai areas by black, greasy smoke can be a real problem. For a perfect finish, with no discoloration of the top-coat, do your best to get rid of these unsightly stains before you start painting.

Step 1

Put five litres of warm water into the bucket. Measure out one cup (250 ml) of Polycell Sugar Soap.

Step 2

Pour the cup of Polycell Sugar Soap into the warm water and mix to dissolve.

Step 3

Wash the wall thoroughly with a cloth or a brush, until as much of the residue as possible has been removed.

Step 4

Don’t be too concerned if you can’t remove all the stains. Once the worst of the greasy residue is gone, the paint should cover fainter stains satisfactorily. Don’t forget to repeat the cleaning process for the ceiling above your built-in braai. Once you’ve washed all areas to the best of your ability, leave them to dry out properly before starting to paint.

Download the instructions here