How to hang a door

Hand holding a screwdriver

This is a simple step-by-step guide on how to hang a door, a simple task that requires a few tools.

Step 1


Using a level, check that the frame is built in properly square. Measure the door opening, then trim and sand the door’s edges, until there is a clearance of 2 mm all around the door. To check, wedge the door inside the frame, making allowance for floor clearance.

Step 2


Traditionally hinges are set 150 mm – 175 mm from
the top and 200 mm – 250 mm from the bottom of the
door. With a hollow core door, locate the lock block and
fit the hinges to the opposite edge.
With the door on its side, place each hinge on the door
– spindle outermost, projecting from and parallel to, the
edge of the door. Trace the hinge’s outline, also mark
its thickness on the door’s face. Carefully chisel out the
hinge recess so the hinge will sit flush with the door
edge. Mark the screw holes and drill pilot holes.

Step 3

Hinges continued

On the frame, trace around the hinges in the same
way. Wedge the door in again to check on accuracy,
then chisel the hinge recesses in the door frame, and
mark and drill pilot holes on the frame.
Screw the hinges to the door, wedge it in position
again and screw the other leaf of each hinge to the

Step 4


Position the body of the lock against the side of the
door (on the lock block, when dealing with a hollow
core door). Mark its top and bottom and transfer these
marks to the edge of the door. Mark the positions of
the keyhole and handle spindle, through the body of
the mortice lock. Drill these holes.

Step 5

Lock Continued

Mark the centre line of the door edge to help you trace
the rectangle for the body of the lock. Drill a series of
sufficiently deep holes and chisel out excess wood,
keeping sides straight. Smooth the inside and insert
the lock. Trace around the front plate of the lock and
cut out the recess to take this plate. Screw it on.

Step 6


Fit the spindle, then screw the door handles and lock
covers on to the door.

Step 7

Striker Plate

Close the door and mark the top and bottom of the
door catch and the lock bolt on to the door frame.
Transfer these marks to the edge of the frame and cut
out the necessary holes. Cut out a recess in the frame
edge to take the striker plate and screw it on.

Download the instructions here.